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Most people now know the efficiencies of linking computers together on a network so each device can access central services such as file servers, printers, scanners, backups systems and of course, the internet. Networks can be cabled and/or wireless depending on your requirements and office design.

If you are looking to create or expand your network, we can provide planning, procurement, configuration and documentation to implement a secure networking environment to help protect your valuable data whilst giving you all the benefits that networks bring.

Our cabled and wireless network installations will be based on your current and future requirements so your network can grow with your business. We can supply you with an up-to-date network diagram of your system so you always know what you have and how it all fits together.

For more information, please call Integrating Technologies on 0333 0233 111 or email us at

Networking Services

Blue network cables connected to a network device
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