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What is 'the Cloud'?

The Cloud, put simply, is an external service on the internet that allows you to do something that you would normally do on your premises, for instance email systems and file storage.  The benefits to you, your staff and your company can be considerable.  One such benefit could be to access your emails or files securely away from the office on almost any device.

If you store your business files and email at your company site on a local storage system like a file server or NAS device, a hardware failure can cost your company time and money rectifying the issue.  Even if you have the devices covered on a maintenance contract this can still be costly, so it's important to understand your points of failure and how you can get at your data if something happens.

On premises equipment requires configuring, managing and backing up, often this burden is too much for small businesses who can't afford their own IT specialist.

Cloud services take away many of the complications, management and costs, giving you a seamless, well run, secured and well maintained system without the headaches.  Although the wise will still look to run some sort of cloud backup of their data in case anything should happen to it.

Many cloud storage services are also perfect for those file overwriting mishaps because they have version control systems allowing you to step back in time to when a change was done or a document was deleted, whether accidentally or maliciously.

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Cloud Services

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