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Are all your important business files, financial documents, databases and emails backed up?

And no... one or two USB sticks and copy once a week is not good enough, not if you want to run your business long term or have the flexibility to grow.

Frequency, amount of data, location and recoverability are all factors needing to be considered when a backup strategy is formulated. We can work with you to implement a backup solution that will incorporate a strategy for your business today and for tomorrow.

We recommend implementing a full system backup regime covering all your important devices. Having a full system backup means that as well as your data files, your operating system, settings, and your software are all backed up. This means that we can minimise the time it takes to get your business back up and running after an issue.

Already have a backup system? You may have already thought to make sure all your files are backed up, but it is also important to regularly check that your recovery system works, that's where we come in. We can test your current backup and recovery strategy to assess your business continuity and disaster recovery readiness.

To find out how your business can minimise the risk of data loss, please get in touch with Integrating Technologies on 0333 0233 111 or

Backup, recovery and business continuity

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