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We can supply, install and configure new hardware and software to meet your requirements. Whether that's just one laptop, a new printer or a suite of desktop computers, we will find the best equipment for your budget.

We can also work with you to set up a standard system install that works best for you and your staff so that all your systems are setup in the same way helping your business run more smoothly.  We can provide you with documentation on your system configuration, software licences, passwords, etc, upon request.

To keep your systems in top condition we strongly advise keeping your software updated and secured as much as possible from vulnerabilities that can leak important data.  We can carry out regular software updates to make sure your systems are as up-to-date and secure as possible either reactively when you launch a helpdesk request or proactively through one of our managed service contracts.

Hardware upgrades are also available. If a computer is running slowly, it's not always necessary to think about replacing it. It can often be cheaper to install some new memory, a faster hard drive or solid state drives (SSD).  

If your business uses several computers, then you would most likely benefit from either a central storage server/NAS or from a Cloud storage solution. We can help you setup and configure your current systems into a standard that fits the way you work, so that you and your staff have access to the same files from one place via your networked systems (see our networking services for more details).

For more information, please call Integrating Technologies on 0333 0233 111 or email us at

Installations and upgrades

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